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Caelum Communications transforms unproductive telecoms and connectivity into future proof, long-term solutions. By understanding your business needs, we keep you connected in every way necessary.
Discover a whole constellation of bespoke and cost effective technologies, ready to send your business communications out of this world.

Remote Working

The business world demands flexibility. Now more than ever it has become important to stay connected to the office. Using VoIP solutions, it is possible to do just that. VoIP is available to you everywhere at any time on any device you want, allowing you to work remotely. Although you may be working from home to gain some quiet time, with smart management features you can ensure you don?t miss a crucial call, but avoid unwanted calls politely.

Moving Office Telephone Systems

Often one of the most stressful things is outgrowing your office space. For many SME?s using a managed service provider who can handle the transition of moving to your new location is the best option.
At Caelum Communications, it is our job to ensure an easy and painless move, we are there to manage your entire business communications throughout the process. We are dedicated to making your communications systems future proof within the new office, and that the system meet your present and future requirements.

Phone Hacking

According to the Communications Fraud Control Association?s (CFCA), the UK is the 3rd highest targeted country, costing £1.2 billion every year! Fraudsters can target phones in seconds, leaving them vulnerable and costing significant amounts of money in a small space of time.

In order to prevent this happening to your business, we monitor your call activity daily and check any calls that do not fit within the parameters of your business. When we detect such activity we take action to contact you and alert you to the situation. At Caelum Communications we endeavour to keep your business safe from any outside sources attempting to gain access to your phones.

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