Moving Phone System

Moving office premises can be a nightmare, even if it is for exciting reasons like growing the company! There are so many things to think about and one of the biggest worries is the business being uncontactable by customers during the moving period. Many businesses worry about moving telecoms systems for this very reason.

Owners worry that traditional phone exchanges with many branches must be too complicated to move premises with, and even if you have hosted VOIP systems, company bosses still worry about how to ensure a seamless integration during any kind of premises move.

Why Use Us To Move Your Telecoms Systems?

This is where you need an expert telecoms company to help make the move seamlessly from the old premises to the new premises and we are able to do just that.

We have carried out many such moves for all kinds of businesses and will listen to and act on, all of your company needs during the move. However far the move, and whatever your phone system, we can help.

Also, we can advise on changing your telecom system to a new cloud-based version if you wish to upgrade and can set up VOIP phone systems and call forwarding to ensure no client call gets missed.

We have a great reputation for providing the best customer service and support for telecoms services in the South East and can help you no matter how old your telephone system might be. From moving an SIP Trunk system to moving a cloud-based VoIP system, we will ensure that your business remains operational and contactable throughout.


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Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, one of the services we can help with is ensuring continuity of telephone services while moving premises. All business numbers including telephones and any other number such as fax machines, will remain the same.

Once you have changed locations your customers won?t know any difference when they try to call you. If they call you mid-move we will arrange call forwarding and other services to ensure no call is missed.

So a premises move no longer requires all of your stationery to be reprinted with new phone numbers ? it can be a seamless and simple process with your business operating as usual throughout.

Can I move my broadband as well as phone lines?

When it comes to moving a business we understand that it?s not just the phone lines which you rely on but all sorts of methods of communication which need to move with you and continue to work.

Here at Caelum, we are very experienced in moving all aspects of telecoms systems, from porting phone numbers to moving your broadband connection, any WiFi services you offer to customers or staff and any other internal networks.

We can help to ensure any video calling or conference calling system you might have, continues to work and is seamlessly transitioned across to your new premises along with the phone lines.

We are also able to help move any remote working systems you may have, to ensure your remote workers can continue to operate and are not adversely affected by the office move in any way.