Marine WiFi

With our permanently connected world, there are very few places where you can’t get internet access now and that includes when you are on board your boat. Whether you are out at sea or docked at a marina, there are now many marine WiFi options for boats and yachts.

So if you aren’t planning to set sail to get away from it all, but do actually need to stay connected with the real world, perhaps working from your boat or sorting out every day personal tasks online, then there are lots of ways to get internet while on board using WiFi boat solutions.

Why Should You Use Us For Your Marine WiFi?

Here at Caelum we provide the most advanced technology to set up reliable and fast WiFi for boats and yachts. We are at the cutting edge of marine WiFi systems and will provide top quality customer service and support to ensure you are set up with the most appropriate WiFi for boats package, to suit your needs both on the marina and out at sea.

Staying Connected In The Marina

While being online in the marina should be easy in theory, unfortunately many marinas have poor WiFi, or limited signal strength, meaning it dies as soon as you move your boat or yacht away from the actual WiFi source.

It can also depend on how far away your boat is docked and you may find you can’t pick up the signal at all, which can be incredibly frustrating.

However, simple technologies can help to boost your signal to be able to receive WiFi from land while at the marina such as a wireless router, portable wireless dongle unit or a small signal-boosting antenna. These generally rely on 3G or 4G like mobile phones and just plug into your laptop.

Other problems with WiFi at marinas can come about if they have a limited set up and there are too many people currently on boats trying to connect. Some marinas have a limited number of IP addresses available which means you still can’t connect to the system even if you do have a full signal. To get round this you just need to invest in a 3G/4G device.


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Staying Connected At Sea

Once you leave the marina there is also now no reason you can’t stay connected while out at sea, thanks to all the modern technologies available out there. Access to on board WiFi means you can stay connected with friends and family and also continue to check emails or pay bills or all the other routine tasks which we take for granted on our laptops.

There are numerous technologies which you can purchase for your boat to ensure that no matter where you are, you can still stay in touch with home, which is always reassuring in case of any kind of emergency at sea.

The simplest way to get WiFi on board is by setting up a 4G router on board and connecting that up with a smart antenna.

Some work by picking up WiFi signals from the land through the antennae, however the, most effective and expensive versions, also pick up signals from cellular towers as well, like a mobile phone would.

These smart antennae give you more chance of getting a signal and better coverage because they can pick up signals from both public WiFi and cellular towers, making them a more efficient option.

Some systems just plug straight into your laptop, like portable dongle routers, others need to be hardwired into the boat, so it really depends on how much you want to spend, how far out to sea you will be and how important boat WiFi really is to you.

If you use your boat as a mobile office then the hard-wired systems will be what you need, whereas just checking the odd email while sailing on holiday, would probably be fine with a small MiFi router or dongle style system.

Whatever your marine internet needs we can help you set up the right system so that you will always be online, whether you are docked into a marina with low signal strength or out at sea, we have the technology and the right WiFi for boats package for you.