Leased Lines

Leased Lines

Dedicated lines to your business

What is a Leased Line?

If you need the fastest upload and download speeds, the best security and most consistent uncontended bandwidth for your business, a leased line can fulfil all your needs. These lines achieve speeds of up to 10gbps and are dedicated solely to your use so are extremely secure. Not only do you get complete peace of mind that your data is safe, the speed and reliability of the connection increases productivity and eliminates downtime.

These dedicated lines are a premium symmetric data connection suitable for internet access, VPN access and site to site connectivity. Ultra high speeds and wide bandwidths mean they can carry data, internet and voice traffic securely and reliably. Once in place, they are fully managed by us to ensure consistent service and can be adjusted to meet your changing needs quickly and easily. As leased lines are completely dedicated to your use, they never experience peak time slow downs and you will not be charged for bandwidth you don?t need.

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    Why Choose Caelum For Your Dedicated Leased Line?

    As an independent company, we aren?t tied to any particular line provider so can source the best connection for the best price across the entire network of suppliers. With 10mb to 10gb of fully uncontended no sharing bandwidth, we have a leased line solution to suit any business that is fully scalable to grow as you grow. We offer free installation and our friendly team based in our Sussex office make sure everything is running smoothly with real time monitoring and four hour SLAs (service level agreements) are available. If you are unsure about whether a leased line is the right option for your business, one of our team would be very happy to speak to you about it.

    Why Should You Choose a Leased Line Broadband Connection?

    Leased lines offer businesses all the benefits of the best standard fibre optic broadband on the market and so much more. For companies with very high usage, the need for very secure data transfer and communications or the most reliable consistent bandwidth, it is a far better option than normal fibre optic broadband.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Leased Line?

    A leased line is a dedicated broadband line just for your business with no peaks and troughs due to other users taking up the bandwidth.

    Why would I need a Leased Line?

    If you have high usage, need superfast speeds or very tight data and communication security, a leased line would be a better option than standard fibre optic broadband.

    What speeds are available with a Leased Line from Caelum?

    We offer speeds of up to 1Gbps starting at 10Mbps and going up in 10Mbps increments depending on your needs.

    Can I use my existing firewall?

    You can indeed use your own firewall if you wish. We will provide you with a managed router which is included in the price and you are welcome to run your own firewall from this.

    What level of support is available?

    We can give you a 4 hour service level agreement to ensure service within 4 hours of reporting the fault.

    Can I save money with a Leased Line from Caelum?

    Absolutely. We use a number of different suppliers such as BT, Virgin, Talk Talk and others to get you the best possible price.

    How long does it take to implement a Leased Line?

    Lead time is generally around 90 days but it can be quicker than this in some circumstances.


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