ISDN Cut Off

When is it happening

BT Will Switch off the ISDN Network in 2025

As BT will switch off the ISDN network in 2025, companies will not be able to buy systems that operate on this network from 2020 onwards. This means that if you are looking to upgrade your current system that uses this network, you are best to migrate your telephone network to a VoIP or SIP system now to avoid having to change again in the near future. It also means that you can start reaping the cost saving and convenience benefits of these systems now too.

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and consists of copper wire telephone lines which can carry voice and data traffic. In 2015, BT announced that it would be switching off this network in 2025 and all of its customers using it will have to migrate to an alternative system before then to continue their telephony service. Fortunately, even if companies have and want to keep traditional phone systems, there are options out there to change over to IP telephony simply and inexpensively.










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What are the Alternatives to ISDN?

There are two main alternatives to using an ISDN telephone line and both offer cheaper call charges, a more reliable system, greater flexibility and scalability for growing companies and superior connectability for remote working. By using VoIP telephony, companies can replace their existing ISDN telephone system with a better system all round and save money in the process. Caelum Communications offer expert advice and extensive support to ensure this changeover is as efficient, easy and beneficial as possible.

For companies who want to do away with their existing PBX system and have all this taken care of off the premises, we can offer you a hosted VoIP service where you will receive all of the above benefits plus the added bonus of having no expensive and complex telephone equipment to maintain or worry about.

If you have just bought a nice new traditional phone system or find the one you have works perfectly for your business, you don?t have to replace it. We can offer you a SIP Trunking solution to connect your physical PBX system to the IP network to receive all the benefits you would expect from VoIP telephony.

SIP Trunking

As stated above, using SIP Trunking means companies can keep their existing phone system but use it through a broadband connection rather than a phone line. This is accomplished by installing a kind of adapter that converts the traditional phone signal into a language IP telephony can understand. If you are currently using the ISDN network to support your telephone system and want to keep your current phone system, this is the perfect solution for you after BT switch off the network in 2025. We provide all the advice and support you need to make this switch with minimum downtime and it could actually end up saving you money.

Hosted VoIP

VoIP telephony works by using a special phone system to transmit voice data through a broadband connection. This gives you all the advantages listed above as it only requires a single broadband connection rather than multiple lines and, as it is hosted in the cloud, can be accessed from anywhere so can be used by staff at home or using mobile devices. It is an ideal replacement for the ISDN network for companies who want to replace an old or inconvenient traditional phone system.