Case Studies

Guardian Angel Carers

A brand new hosted VoIP solution for a Home Care Agency

The client and a business overview

Guardian Angel Carers offer home care and support to the elderly in the comfort of their own home. They have two offices based in Chichester and Worthing and there are 15 full-time people in the office across the 2 branches.

The overview and problems faced

Guardian Angel Carers were due to move office- they had outgrown their existing phone system and knew that the technology was old and costing too much to run. Key issues faced included:

  • Dealing with the appalling customer service that came with their previous provider.
  • High call charges associated with their old multiline phone system.
  • Limited expandability- the system was maxed out- no more lines or extensions could be added without the expense of a new phone system
  • Poor bandwidth. Guardian Angel Carers were in an extremely rural location with poor ADSL broadband, speeds of only 4Mbps down and less than 1Mbps up.
  • No way of training new staff- calls could not be intercepted.
  • Unable to change call routing- often during staff meetings the phone would ring off the hook as there was no way of putting a temporary message in place without calling their old provider- and incurring a charge!
  • No easy way of making sure calls made it through to the correct department.
  • No way of picking up voicemails that were left over the weekend.

The solution

How long did it take to install, and project manage?

1 Week.

What were the obstacles that needed to be overcome?

Poor broadband speeds and bandwidth. As we were looking at a hosted VoIP solution, we had to ensure that we could supply an internet connection that was good enough for both Data and telecoms.

Why did the client choose Caelum Communications?

A good working relationship had been built over the years with LMS Group (Caelum Communications Sister Company) on the IT side. Not only that, we sat down with the MD and went through all their requirements and how our solution would help the company grow with improved productivity and reduced costs.

What solution was chosen?

Guardian Angel Carers decided to go with a fully hosted VoIP solution due to the functionality, features and cost savings that were presented to them. A large factor to this was the fact that they could have multiple branches running off the one phone system which meant calls between branches were free of charge and this was going to help with the company?s future and growth with opening further branches.

The overview/explanation of what was achieved

What benefits were bought to the business?

Introducing an IVR Menu to allow calls to be routed through to the relevant departments, tagging calls so that phones in more than one hunt group knew which department was being called. Having individual extension voicemails as well as company voicemails. The ability to have different hunt groups in different time routes. Being able to pick up voicemails whilst on the road with the voicemail2email facility. Installing a dedicated fibre leased line to improve the speeds and stability of the broadband connection, this allowed phones and data to run off one connection which also improved uptime and productivity. Not only that, we were able to setup Quality of Service on the router to dedicated just enough bandwidth for the phones which utilised the rest of the bandwidth for other needs.

What is the single most beneficial feature that the customer uses and why is this so good for the customer?

Reducing costs and improving productivity was the most beneficial element for Guardian Angel Carers. As the company is wanting to expand to other areas of Sussex, it was essential that costs were being utilised in taking the business forward and introducing the IVR Menu allowed for productivity to be improved and meant that money wasn?t being wasted in areas of employee?s time management.

Benefits of the solution:

Now Guardian Angel Carers can increase their phone system as they grow without the high costs of line installations and expensive line rental. They also benefit from free calls between sites. They have future proofed themselves by having the ability to take their numbers with them were ever they may move to in the future. They can relocate to anywhere in the country and still use the same numbers that their clients know.