WiFi For Business

With virtually everyone accessing the internet on the move using their mobile phones the demand for reliable and free WiFi has never been greater. It?s a simple but effective tool which businesses can use to gain a competitive advantage. Providing business WiFi for customers and employees is now almost as basic a requirement as providing electricity and water.

Providing Fast Wifi For Your Employees and Customers

Customers visiting business premises such as cafes, hotels, restaurants and other public areas such as shopping centres, now have a clear expectation that they will be able to access the internet quickly and for free on their mobile devices, using a provided WiFi solution.

Premises which do offer a free WiFi business solution are likely not only to attract more customers in, but also keep them for longer as well, so it has a real benefit for the business while providing a service which customers want and expect.

Staff may also need to access the internet on their personal devices, to check emails from school or home, for example, even if in their lunch hour, so providing a dedicated employee business WiFi service can enhance a company?s reputation for being a good employer.


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Free Wifi For Your Customers

There are many business benefits to offering free WiFi to your customers and it really is an expected business service today. Having free business WiFi on your premises is fairly inexpensive to set up but studies have shown that customers are more likely to spend longer with you and spend more money, if they can access free WiFi solutions.

It can be used to attract more foot traffic in off the street, and to bring in new customers who may just be looking for somewhere to sit and read their emails in comfort. It also gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors if they don?t offer WiFi as a business service.

The sign up process for free business WiFi can also give your company a real marketing edge as you can use it to gain customer data including email addresses, to add your marketing list going forward.

You can also direct customers to a business landing page, or a Facebook page, as part of the sign in process and you can track them afterwards if they visit your site, so it gives you a really useful tool for finding and communicating with potential new customers.  

As a small business, something as simple as providing WiFi solutions for your customers can provide a real boost, bringing in and retaining customers and increasing sales, without you having to invest vast sums in marketing.

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Uninterrupted Wifi For Employees

Creating a dedicated WiFi hub for employees is also an essential business WiFi service for any company now and can be set up fairly inexpensively. It shouldn?t be seen as just an employee benefit but as an essential part of the business.

It can mark your company out as a good place to work, which can help out with recruitment and staff retention, as well as improving your business reputation. A dedicated employee Wi-Fi solution means staff can use their own personal devices safely and securely, during work time.

It means the IT security within the company is tightened up as it?s all controlled by the business, but also providing a dedicated WiFi for personal use means the business? own internet services don?t get clogged up when everyone suddenly logs on at lunchtime.

Studies have shown that far from being distracting and stopping staff getting on with their work providing a dedicated WiFi hub which is fast and free, actually improves productivity.

Staff will end up using it to link their personal devices to business solutions and business-related apps to help them improve their performance at work. Also, if they are not stressing or worrying about personal issues and can do things like sort out online banking in their lunch hour, then they will be less stressed and happier at work too.

Providing fast and free WiFi services for your employees and your customers is now an essential part to any business. However big or small your enterprise might be, free WiFi is an expected service and brings many business benefits to you as well, so it?s a complete win-win situation.